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Comprehensive Eye Exams

Preventative eye care is the key to healthy sight. It’s easy to consider skipping your annual exam if you haven’t noticed any significant changes to your vision, but it’s important to remember that strong, healthy, and happy eyes start with routine care

Our optometrists prefer routine visits to ensure optimal visual health. Eye diseases can affect your vision without warning symptoms, and we screen for common eye conditions in every exam. 

We care about your eyes’ health. Contact us today to book a comprehensive eye exam!

Your Eyes Deserves Routine Care

Your vision is just as unique as you are! At Dr. Henslick Vision Center, we want to take our time to determine your eyes’ overall health, so it may take a couple of exams to really get to know you and your eyes. Our optometrists recommend an eye exam annually for our new patients, or if your eyes are considered “at-risk.” 

Did you know that checking your eye health can provide valuable insight into your overall well-being? You might be surprised to find out how your vision center connects with the rest of your body!  Once we know your vision a little bit better, your exams may occur less frequently.

The Exam Process

At the beginning of your exam, the team will ask you a few questions about your life and medical history. Following this, we will give your eyes a series of tests to determine your prescription. After examining your eyes, your optometrist will screen for common eye diseases

During your exam at Dr. Henslick Vision Center, we will screen for the following eye diseases

Our experienced optometrists will strive to discover any developing eye conditions and provide treatment well before you experience long-term vision problems. Eye diseases can occur without warning, and symptoms sometimes only present themselves in later stages. 

Your optometrist will discuss any prescription changes and provide all the necessary details about their findings after the exam.

Your Eye Health is Important

Our knowledgeable and caring team is always here to answer any inquiries about your eyes’ health, provide details about our services, and show off our range of designer frames and sunglasses

If you are looking for compassionate and friendly treatment in a comfortable environment, you’ve come to the right place. At Dr. Henslick Vision Center, we are passionate about your vision. Come and visit our incredible practice in Laguna Niguel. We’ve been waiting for you! 

Call us today to book your comprehensive eye exam!

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Visit us today in the Plaza de la Paz shopping center. Take the entrance from La Paz Road, and you’ll find us right next to the Arco gas station. There is plenty of parking right out front!

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